An Introduction To The Oppo F19 Pro


If you’re wondering which affordable smartphone you ought to pick up right now, can wholeheartedly endorse the all new OPPO F19 Pro by Oppo. This is the smartphone that many professionals already swear by, as its features set it apart from other smartphones currently on the market. You’ll appreciate plenty of advanced features when using the Oppo F19 Pro, but first and foremost, you’ll probably enjoy its beautiful looks. This phone is a stunning 4.7 inches thick and has a resolution of 1300 pixels per inch. If you’re looking for a smartphone with a lot of sharp looks and an elegant design, you definitely will want to consider the Oppo F19 Pro for your needs. Oppo F19 Pro

After spending some quality time with the all new Oppo F19 Pro, we conducted our single review to determine whether this unique smartphone could meet up to all of our expectations. And we have to tell you – it did. Through our single unbiased Oppo F19 Pro review, we can state that this stylish and compact smartphone from Oppo is a great choice for anyone who’s on the hunt for a good smartphone with excellent performance and value for money. If you want a smartphone with a unique and attractive look and feel, then the Oppo F19 Pro might just be perfect for you.

The face of the Oppo F 19 Pro is composed entirely of glass. As such, it provides a unique and refreshing look to this smartphone. It comes with a very attractive silver metal trim around the edges and has a single camera lens and one fingerprint sensor on the screen itself. In total, this smartphone has a little over two hundred and fifty grams of weight. However, its thickness is not too much and it isn’t too short either. At fourteen and a half inches, the Oppo F19 Pro is slightly bigger than the iPhone 5s and almost half the size of the HTC Evo Shift.

The beauty of this Oppo F 19 Pro is in the way it functions. We’ll start off with the battery life – it has a whole five hours of charge in the internal battery which is definitely more than most smartphones on the market today. This is thanks to the fast yet efficient mobile software provided by Oppo. A quick glance at the power consumption shows that the phone uses less power when compared to other handsets with similar features, and with a respectable four hundred and twenty milliamp hour battery life, this handset can last you a whole day on a single charge.

Speaking of the phone’s performance, we found that it has a smooth browsing speed and doesn’t freeze up or crash as often as some other smartphone do. A quick look at the device’s performance in the browser highlights this fact. It also has a solid security system which helps protect against hackers. The Oppo F19 Pro has a decent amount of storage space – it has around fifty percent more storage space than the iPhone and HTC Evo Shift and is about forty percent larger. This gives it plenty of room to store all your favourite apps, music and movies.

The camera on the Oppo F 19 Pro is quite competent too, although we found that it failed to take excellent pictures in low light conditions. The picture quality could be a little better but overall, the camera on the Oppo F 19 Pro is a very good one. If you’re looking for a smartphone with a compact design, impressive features and a huge amount of storage, the Oppo F 19 Pro could be the perfect device for you.

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